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Search engine optimization (SEO) dictionary/glossary - D

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Dead link
A link to a web page that does not exist on a web server.
Deep linking
Linking to content that is two or more directories deep within a web site. Can also be linking directly to individual web pages within a site, rather than to the home page.
Destination page
The web page a visitor is taken to after clicking a search engine listing or advertisement. Also known as a landing page.
web site that focuses on listing web pages or sites by specific categories, using human editors to manually place web sites or web pages into the categories. Commonly called a "human-based" search engine or a web directory.
Directory enhancement
The process of selecting the most appropriate category (or categories) in a web directory and writing a keyword-rich description that accurately describes the content of a web site or web page.
Abbreviation for Domain Name System. The DNS translates URL text addresses (such as into a numeric Internet address (such as
DNS lookup
The process of converting a unique IP address (of a site visitor) to its domain name. Often used in site statistics software to analyze server log files.
Domain name
Generally, a text address that corresponds to one or more numeric IP addresses. An exclusive name that identifies a web site, such as
Doorway domain
A collection of doorway pages on a web site. A doorway domain's sole purpose is to rank well on the search engines and to redirect traffic to a different site.
Doorway pages
web pages created specifically for obtaining top search engine positions and not to benefit end users. Typically computer generated, doorway pages are usually created to rank high on specific search engines and are often cloaked. Please see: Avoiding search engine spam penalties.
The process of retrieving information from a main source to a peripheral device. Browsers download web pages from a server. Please see: Download time - does it really affect search engine visibility?
Dynamic HTML
An HTML extension that enables web pages to react to the end users' input, such as displaying a web page based on the type of browser or computer end users are using to view the page. HTML and CSS rely on JavaScript to make web pages interactive.
Dynamic IP
An IP address that changes every time a user connects to the Internet.
Dynamic URLs
The URL of a dynamically generated web page. Dynamic URLs can contain characters such as ?, =, %, +, and &.

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